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Where to find the perfect office cupboards in Dubai?

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Dubai is the City in the Sun, the modern Shangrila. The search for Perfection leads here. Even the humble Office Cupboard flowers here, and finds a rare perfection. In this Dream City, biblical merchants bring their finest wares, and the richest vie with best for attention. Office Cupboards may seem a strange goal, but they objectify Dubai’s constant search for excellence. An Office Cupboard symbolizes the modern Office. And an Office is the inspiration for modern Business, which is the “raison d’être” for Dubai’s existence. The Office is at the heart of all Business, the control center of the administration. And the most important documents are held in this Cupboard. The search for where to find the perfect office cupboards in Dubai is actually the search for the Spirit of Dubai.

What is an Office Cupboard?

The Cupboard is basically a closed piece of furniture with maybe one or more doors and often some shelves. It is used for storage of goods, which may vary widely. It may be consumables like food or even kitchenware like cups and dishes in the kitchen, or personal and clothes and bed sheets in the bedroom. Even the best toilets have cupboards to hold the bathroom things. But modern Offices also require storage space, which need to be protected and private. Here, it holds important documents, office records, and office stationary supplies. Sometimes it is used for storage of moveable electronic and electrical office devices. Odds and ends that need to be stored are also part of the repositories. Cupboards have many names. In places, depending on usage and application, they are called sideboards, lockers, closets, buffets, facilities, repositories, wardrobes and so on. But Office Cupboards are specialized for use in Offices, and incorporate the utilities of a modern office space. They may contain File Cabinets, some of which have flexible separators and alphanumeric markers, for ease of location. Others have secretive and lockable lockers, meant to hold office valuables and secret documents away from prying hands and intrusive eyes. The traditional Vertical Filing cabinet was invented by Edwin G. Siebels, a man of many parts (politician, insurance dealer and cotton exporter), even though he did not get due recognition for his revolutionary advance in his lifetime. The idea of storing envelopes and files upright in drawers allowed documents to be stored naturally, without having to roll them up, or crumple, or damage the texture of the documents stored in any way. This ensured that these documents have lasted since the turn of the 20th Century till today.

Stylish Office Cupboards

Nowadays, many modern Office desks are multi-purpose multi-use equipment, and include Office Cupboards as part of the design. These are often modular in design, and allow flexible open office planning. Whether in Open or Closed Office designs, these powerful composite executive desk cum cupboards lend themselves easily to the latest office spaces comfortably. The perfection lies not just in the use of striking surfaces and unusual materials, but in the inner design that make this equipment irreplaceable to the User. A huge range of customized designs of Office Cupboards are now available, which are designed to keep the work space tidy and organized. Cupboards can be found in a wide range of sizes, shapes and styles. From desk high and compact models, to slim line, tall designs, the object is to find storage cabinets which will perfectly fit the available space. Nits are manufactured from a variety of materials, some of which are digitally sensitive and often space age.

Typical Locations

The layout of the wonderful city of Dubai is planned to the last detail. There is even a section of the City reserved for the traditionalists, where furniture is still handmade by the old Master carpenters. But the modern outlook dominates the City of Sheikh Makdoom. Office Furniture centers like the Sheykh Zayed showroom off Al Manara Road (Ground Floor, Emarat Atrium Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai) is typical of Dubai’s outlook. Here, Office Cupboards designed by the best in the world are displayed side by side with the wonderfully age-old art of local carpentry. The latest stainless steel, chrome and plastics compete with the old rosewood, oak and teakwood furniture of yesterday. Digital technology like eKeys and Smartphone-operated Cupboards and Filing systems are on display, along with old-fashioned pendulous but intricately decorative lock-and-keys. Dubai’s OfficeMaster is a leader in ergonomic design, but these companies of Dubai have surpassed even this milestone. Customized Office Cupboards now not just offer choice of color and size, the measurements such as height are often adjustable. These Dubai furniture people understand Office planning, and can offer invaluable advice on how and where to locate items, such as Office Cupboards, to achieve the greatest advantage.  In fact, the whole area near Mina Jebel Ali fronting the seaside is crowded with the Office Furniture outlets and Showrooms. The offices of the best sellers and manufacturers of Office Cupboards are all here.

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