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Ultimate Guide to Choose the Right Conference Table

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Chalking new business plans to foster a new partnership – a conference table has seen it all. Naturally, you need to pay proper attention to buying a conference table because bright minds can bring out innovative ideas in the right space. Also, you may have to entertain your guests who are potential business partners or meet clients in a conference room. A conference table can set or ruin your entire first impression. So don’t take a risk of buying this kind of furniture without proper speculations and considerations.

Here are a few things that you must consider before picking the right conference table for your office. Read it thoroughly and implement it while buying.

Before you set out…

  • Determine how will you use your conference room – how many people will use it on regular basis and how many can use it at best. This consideration will leave a crucial impact on your purchasing decision. For instance, if you want to use the table mainly for meetings, you better pick a solid wood and long conference table. Again, if you want to separate meetings into small discussion groups to arrange training, you may buy a moderate size conference table to satisfy your requirements.
  • Remember that the conference table will occupy the centre of the room and be the focal point. That’s why it’s better not to buy a table that is too small or too large. It should proportionately fit the entire room. What we mean to say is, you shouldn’t end up with a table that resists you to open the door properly. Again, the table shouldn’t be so small where you cannot accommodate more than 5 people at once.
  • Bear in mind that your conference table will be surrounded by multiple chairs. So pay attention to the size of the table. Many buyers make the mistake of buying a conference table on the basis of the room size. Of course the size of the room matters the most but you should take the placement of the chairs into account. Otherwise, you may not be able to fully open the door after arranging the chairs around the table.
  • The ambiance of your entire conference room will mainly depend on the type of table you pick. This includes both the colour and the materials used in the table. We will discuss more about these in the latter section of the article. So keep reading.
  • Before getting your hands on a conference table, make a checklist of all other equipment you need to include in the room. Depending on your business type, you may want to include audiovisual cart, projection screen, presentation easel, credenza, or lectern. Having a thorough idea of the dimensions will offer you a better idea of how much space you can keep for placing the table. Also, measure ceiling, doors, and windows height. This may sound ridiculous but it has high importance. Let us tell you why. Depending on the height of the door or ceiling, you need to adjust the height of the table and the chairs around it. So it’s a crucial consideration. There’s no going back once you purchase a table so it’s better to be cautious beforehand.
  • Now, depending on the checklist of all the above mentioned equipment, you can easily determine what power sources you need and where all the furniture can be placed with relation to the phone jacks and sockets. You sure don’t want to keep all the electrical wires scattered around the floor? In that case, you have to plan properly and pick a table that has a dedicated chamber to place all the wires without tangling them. You may also want to customize a table but that will cost you higher than the readymade ones.
  • If you are using teleconferencing and AV equipment regularly, you may pick a conference table which includes a data or power access port and a wire management trough.

No matter how much space you seek to allot for the conference room, you can find the right table to fit in. Conference tables come in varying sizes and shapes. So, if space is a concern, you may pick a square table or a small round table.

Here are some other considerations…

Size – Usually, conference tables are 24 inches deep and 60 inches wide. Many manufacturers offer similar style table in varying colours, finishes, and widths, to allow you customize the table according to your specific requirements.  Before buying, make sure to pay attention to the size chart of the tables to get an idea.

Type – Rectangular tables are quite common and a classic choice for a conference room. Since such tabletops are flat, the work surface is suitable enough to execute any meeting or training.  A boat shaped table features slightly tapered corners and it looks stylish and elegant for its convex sides. If you want to hold any video conference, you may pick such a table along with communication and power module and an inbuilt cable management panel. Also, you may purchase oval shaped conference table which is extremely pleasant to the eyes for its sleek lines and round edges. For its elegant finish, many business owners prefer to buy such a table for a large conference room. However, remember that this table is not ideal for a small room.

Colour – We have already discussed that we’ll talk about this point in the latter segment of the article and here we are. Conference tables ideally look the best in wooden polish. However, nowadays, you can find tables in various colours and you may pick your favourite one. Some tables feature a glass-top while some flaunts golden sleek design. You can even find tables with various designs and patterns on it. It’s better to opt for a table that suits other furniture in the room and also syncs with your business theme. If you have a wedding designing business, you can invest in a colourful table.

There you go. Follow these smart tips to pick the right conference table for your office. Happy buying!

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