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The ubiquitous Office Desk has been an essential adjunct to any Office anywhere in the world. The very concept of an Office conjures up visions of an Officer (or Staff member) sitting hunched up on an Office Chair,  over an Office Desk, in an enclosed closely furnished Office Space with wall-to-wall cabinets.  But time s are changing, and the Cabinets have gone. Offices have become airy open spaces, no longer in closed cubicles. But the Office Desk and the Chair remains, as symbols of commercial power and influence. The Globalization revolution in the mid-Twentieth Century, coupling with the Digital Age, created common, pooled, Accessories for all the staff, leading to gargantuan equipment to handle universal tasks such as Printing, Copying and Posting. But the Twenty-First century has brought back the individualized power of single Office Desks. Cabinets have been banished, and paperwork has become minuscule. Storage is now through Cloud Systems. Apps have taken over most human office activities, leaving the holder of the Desk free to spend most of his or her time in conducting real business, through communication, advertising, negotiation and interpersonal contacts. Office Desk Accessories have discarded their purely decorative and stylistic functions to become essential business productivity boosters. This article presents 5 must-have accessories on your office desk to boost your productivity.

The Productivity Boosters

The 5 must-have accessories on your office desk to boost your productivity are presented below, for the interest of the Office Desk User:

  • Communicating with Timekettle WT2 Plus AI Translator: The Office is at the heart of intense activity during working hours. Clients and Suppliers may come crowding the Office Desk of any Super Staff or Executive. In this Age of Globalization, the need to communicate is essential to any business. But the Guests these days can belong to many different countries, plying their business in many different tongues. Translators are few and far in between, being in ever greater demand with every passing day. But this device is invaluable as an in-house desktop translator. It allows hands-free translation of around 36 major languages with over 84 accents in near real-time. It offers written translation. It is a single App AI-power earphone translator. It does have some glitches yet, but these are being cleared very fast. Some of these glitches include the fact that one out of every 20 words is misunderstood yet. But the rate is being reduced fast. Also, the installation instructions could be clearer, to allow the Users to install the system themselves each time. But the real icing on the cake is the price. This complex and marvelous desktop device comes in only at US$239, which makes it really very affordable for such an important function. A pair of earphones are offered in one package, with an AirPod type of charger box, that splits into two. Each half magnetically attaches to one another. The App that comes with this device is also available for iOS.
  • Super Charging With RAVPower PD 2-Port and 90W PD Pioneer 2-Port Adapter: People who are employed to continuously man Office Desks can rarely find time to charge their various power-hungry electronic accessories. These two RAVPower’s GAN wall Chargers fit the bill ideally and soon become indispensable for rapid charging of important devices like Desktop Laptops, Smartphones, small Desk Printers and so on. The first model can completely charge up a 15-inch MacBook Pro from fully depleted to totally charged in just two hours flat. This model can easily charge both a laptop and a large Smartphone simultaneously. The second model is even more powerful. This is a heavy-duty GAN charger for devices which have really large hunger for power charging. This 90W Adaptor can do its job 7.5 times faster than the normal 30W Adapters usually available in the accessories market. It, also does its job quietly, with negligible overheating full short circuit protection. Charging efficiency of 93% makes it formidable, and the price is compatible with its quality.
  • Presentation With BenQ Instashow S WDC20: This wonderful Presentation Accessory needs to be simply plugged into the show-up device via HDMI and USB, the InstaShow Mobile app or even cast via iOS with AirPlay, Android’s Miracast. It is planned for larger conference rooms and can be connected to all devices. It is OS agnostic, so it can be connected to Windows compatible notebooks, as well as Chrome and Mac. Its supports for 4K Resolution makes it perfect for both flat panel and projection displays. Low latency till 1080p for 60fps makes sure that there is no lag or jarring tears on the screen. Security is elevated, and the product can operate solely of the network, so minimizing the attack profile. One disadvantage at present is that it doesn’t feature a USB connector, which can be inconvenient for laptops with USB and HDMI ports not on the similar side. The slate grey and black color scheme adopted, along with the blue lighting around the perimeter of the buttons give it a stylistic dominance that is as sleek as it is professional.
  • 4G LTE Hotspot Routing With Skyroam Solis: This is a superb must-have accessory for all semi-permanent and temporary Office Desktops. This Wi-Fi Hotspot SIM-free and palm-sized that looks like an orange puck, is comfortable to house and easy to use. There is no need to change the SIM. Built absolutely sturdily and fall-proof, it is also very affordable at the same time. But the cost of data can be prohibitive. The device has more than three hundred partnerships with a world of network carriers across.
  • Focusing with Logitech Zone Wireless Bluetooth Headset: This is a formidable device for close listening in the babble of market place offices. It has an ergonomic design which allows long use without strain. Active noise-cancellation and the ability to move seamlessly between a computer or a smartphone, and a pull-out microphone boom more than compensates for the high price charged. So, what are you waiting for? Look up for the 5 must have accessories to boost your productivity at office.


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