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How to choose the right colour for your office furniture.

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Choosing a color for your office furniture is more overwhelming than fun. That’s because you have to make your office look professional to your clients and visitors. Again, you need to keep your employees active and energetic and colors play a crucial role in this.

Don’t stress out. Here are a few significant tips you need to know before you set out to choose the right color for your office furniture. Keep reading and know all about it!

Tips to choose the right color for your office furniture:

  1. Use a vibrant color that syncs with your brand or business

Nowadays, businesses prefer to leverage color significance while selecting any piece of furniture. However, the color must sync with your business. For instance, if you own an asbestos company office, red is not the right shade for you. You may pick more neutral shades like steel color or grey one. On the other hand, if your business supports an environment cause or deals with plants and flowers, you may pick green furniture for your office to create a sense of harmony with your business nature.

This has a crucial significance not only in the employees’ minds but also in the guests’ minds. It reflects professionalism and shows your understanding of color symbolism.

  1. Don’t mix and match multiple colors

This is the golden rule while selecting furniture’s color. You can buy different colored furniture for your home but once it comes to your office, you need to pick furniture of similar color. You may pick two shades for your furniture, but it’s better to use those two colors across all the rooms in your office.

This reflects a deep professionalism, extremely crucial for any and every business.

  1. White comes to your rescue

Yes, we admit that white color turns dirty within a short time span, but white bears a sense of purity and sophistication. Leveraging the power of white color in your furniture can be very beneficial to evoke a sophisticated first impression among the clients. Also, white gives a calm and soothing sensation in people’s eyes. This relaxing spirit is essential to keep your employees productive.

You can choose a sofa or reception table in white color. This will instantly draw attention. For the same reason, you should maintain this furniture to keep their color intact for a long time. Vacuuming with unprofessional hands may not be suitable at this hour so you better contact a professional cleaning agency to deep clean your furniture from time to time.

  1. Use your brand color

If you want to promote your brand, let your furniture do that! Your brand color is not only meant to be used in your logo or website but your furniture is the best place to display your trademark. Since the furniture is spread across the office, it instantly draws attention and works as an indirect promotion! Sounds amazing? It sure is. Here’s what you can do. All you need is to select your brand color and then pick furniture in this shade. Make sure not to buy all the furniture in the same shade since it will look bizarre. Imagine a room full of furniture all in green! It’s better to get multiple shades of your brand color. If your brand color is green, pick furniture in multiple shades of green. This will create a pattern. If your brand color merges two colors (say, red and white), you can use two colored furniture. Your sofa can be white and reception table can be red or vice versa! Let your imagination flow.

  1. Wooden Polish

If you ask us one color that goes with each and every type of office room, we will answer wooden polish. Wood color is extremely professional and instantly changes the entire appeal of any room. Nowadays, you will find variations of shades even in wood color. The best part is that an entire room full of furniture in wood polish never looks over the top. So if you are planning to put a lot of furniture in a stuffed office, we recommend you to opt for this polish.

  1. Pattern and design

When you are looking for furniture’s color, don’t stop at just colors. Rather check out multiple designs and patterns on the same color. A pattern can entirely change the appeal of a color. You may not like a dark green table but white prints on it tell a completely different story. Bear this in mind while choosing furniture color.

So, here are a few things you need to bear in mind while choosing your office furniture color. Wait, there’s more! Below we will mention a few colors and their symbolism to help you find the right color for your office furniture. Check ’em out!

Significance of colors:

  1. Red – This color evokes the sense of vibrancy and energy. You can use this color in the active areas in your organization including casual meeting area, PT rooms, and break rooms.
  2. Orange – This color boosts creativity and it’s ideal to infuse energy and liveliness in the entire office ambiance. You should use this color in the active areas just like red.
  3. Blue – This color is often associated with productivity so you better use this color to enhance productivity in your guests and employees. It evokes the sense of mental peace, calmness, warmth and stability in your employees and encourages them to work better.
  4. Green – This is a positive shade it’s the best color to create a positive, calm, relaxing, refreshing, and comfortable environment in your workspace. The color actively promotes the sense of concentration, efficiency, and emergence so you can pick this color for your office furniture.
  5. Purple – This shade represents sophistication, power, and luxury. You can use this colored furniture for a polished, calm, and restful environment. This is also an ideal color for the furniture in directors’, managers’, and CEO’s rooms.

Bear this significance of colors in mind while picking the color of your office furniture and you are good to go. Happy buying!


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