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7 Things We haven’t told you about office furniture industry in Dubai.

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The Office neighborhood of Dubai is reckoned to be the showpiece of World officialdom. Not a single day goes by without some business or a financial expert drawing a parallel with the office system, office planning, and office furniture in maximum use in the Master City of Dubai, right at the forefront. Dubai is flush with funds, and Dubai’s wise Ruler is proud to use the power bestowed on them by the Almighty for the greater good of the people. Among the many fine facts about this top City in the World, here are 7 Things We haven’t told you about office furniture in Dubai.
The 7 Secrets
The 7 Things We haven’t told you about the office furniture industry in Dubai are:
 The Meeting Spaces & The Communal Work desk: The Meeting Spaces are essential for running any business, whether the purpose of the meeting, or having a staff internal brainstorming, or entertaining Clients. In general, the space set out is meant to be multi-use, and the Office Furniture has to be designed accordingly. Dubai is one of the best places to find multi-purpose multi-fitting Office Furniture, which is also decorative and attention-grabbing. It must have a hypnotic attraction for the Clients, many of whom are world-travellers themselves, with wide exposure to designs internationally.
 The Living Space & Casualness: The happiness and comfort of employees must be of prime importance to the employers, not just for humanitarian reasons, but to translate to higher productivity. It has been critically observed that, more than pay increases, higher job satisfaction leads to less employer turnover, and the willingness to work outside the box to further the interest of the Organization. Dubai uses planned Office Furniture and layout to create just the ambience to create maximum space while utilizing the available space the most.
 The Office Furniture Basics: Desks & Chairs: The main type of Office Furniture still in use in Offices around the world are Desks and Chairs, even though the importance for Cabinets have reduced somewhat, to be replaced by AI-based Desk Accessories and Cloud support. Dubai leads the world in some of the best designed Office Furniture, and the finest ergonomic experts on the Planet have concentrated on providing the most comfortable, strain reducing, and relaxing chairs to sit on, and Desks to work at. The posture of sitting staff and executives when continuously working at modern office equipment and carrying out daily business has been carefully studied by the best Medical minds and converted by some of the best innovative Technologists and Engineers, who have converged on the humble Chair and Desk.
 The Storage Spaces: Hidden Away From Prying Eyes: The matter of storing information securely has always had importance in the running of a business, particularly when the data is prioritized as sensitive to the customer. Since most businesses are data-driven these days, protection of this data is at the core of the trustworthiness of any business. Dubai is at the pinnacle of providing the latest safety and security for providing Storage Spaces by going completely digital and paperless. The now outdated endless rows of lockers and cabinets no longer fill up room after room of Storage Space, especially in Large Organizations, where previously Storage of Information in the form of files and associated paperwork often occupy a major portion of available and valuable Office Space. At the same time, providing security to this paper-based Information is both cumbersome and costly. Dubai has created absolutely strong links with the major International Cloud Systems, and absolutely the best Cyber-security expertise in the world is focused on providing round the clock protection. This involves customized furniture which is designed by the best minds particularly for Dubai, and these designs are International Patent protected for Dubai only.
 The Common Use Spaces (Printing, Scanning & Copying): In Dubai, the advances in office technology in this Digital Age have led to extraordinary streamlining of activities that in the past that it often took a separate department to execute, with separate space and special furniture. Even in the recent past, special teams of trained and experienced staff looked after the vast amounts of these Common Activities. But no longer. Each executive can now handle his or her own hardcopy at ease, however, copies may be needed. This is special furniture, for which Dubai is justly famous.
 The Smartboard Necessities: The Office Furniture scene in Dubai has recently been particularly enriched by the advent of digital Smartboards. These have helped to solve many a problem by the sheer convenience of having a massive scribble pad that can be seen at once by several participants in work centered discussions in the office and does not need to be erased with an often dusty duster. The old blackboard with its inconveniences (and chalk dust), is most definitely out. Results of discussions, visual on-the-spot analysis, and graphical solutions can be retained digitally, and the modern smart boards can even be connected on LAN (Local Area Networking) and displayed in other relevant situations also.
 The Cafetaria & The Eating Furniture: The great genius and leader of men Napoleon Bonaparte once commented that “an Army marches on its stomach”. So he took very good care of his Army’s diet and dining, wherever they were, and the results were there for all to see. The real secret to close human interrelationship and cooperation is often through their interaction while relaxing with food. Many are the work problems that seemed intractable during working hours which seem to be solved easily during the lunch hour together, enjoying a fine meal together and discussing work, (what else?). It is not mandatory in most countries, but the larger and successful organizations always make it a point to provide a special space for luxurious dining during the lunch break.
The Trending
Some Offices are moving away from individual work-desks altogether. The Furniture that contributes to integral collaboration between employees is now the new trend, and it has its birthplace in Dubai.

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