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7 life lessons learned when using a cheap office furniture

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Office Furniture displays the character of the Company, much as Home Décor tells the guest about the mental makeup of the Family. Clients on their first visit are on the lookout for pointers on the dependability of the Organization they are planning on procuring their goods and services from and investing some of their hard-earned money and time. But the interesting observation by some of the top office executives is that office furniture need not be costly to be impressive. Some of the cheapest furniture can create the most magic in an office is properly set up and deployed. It is our imagination that lights up the office, not the price of the furniture. It is obvious in this that there are lessons to be learnt here, for those who would aspire to better themselves. These are not ordinary teachings, but Life Lessons. And here, for the interested Reader, are 7 life lessons learned when using a cheap office furniture.

The 7 Lessons Of Life

The 7 life lessons learned when using a cheap office furniture may be listed as follows:

  1. Frugality: The true story of Life is often intertwined with frugality. Not in luxury, do we realize the fruition of our deepest searches? Using cheap furniture is a way of expressing our control over ourselves, and yet finding the balance between beauty and utility. Traditionally, the best corner businessmen have always been frugal in their spending habits. They have reserved the maximum savings as a further investment into their businesses, and not wasted it away by lavish showing off in furniture and furnishings to impress the neighborhood. This habit has been extended to their office furniture also, where their clear intention has been to impress prospective Customers with their focus of investment in the product itself, and not the furniture they use in their offices.
  2. Spatial Ability: The focus on using the essential furniture only, and that too at tight costing, is often combined with real Spatial Ability. It is often given that an Office is a fixed space with pre-built boundaries. This is more so in the case of rented Offices, where facilities are often fixed, and the Business renting the premises is not allowed by the Owners to permanently change any partitions and boundaries, or make holes and adaptations in the existing walls and structures. Given this fixed space, it is actually the Spatial Prowess of the Business Management and /or the Office Designers to come up with the best design which accommodates the full utilitarian requirements with beauty and cost control. The concept of using cheap office furniture fits in nicely with the modern outlook of temporary accommodation which is also compatible with impressing the Customer, while the staff finds comfort in the familiarity and the normality, if cheapness, of the surroundings.
  3. Style: To the Customer, the style with which the Office has been set up, matters. It is a sure indicator of the attitude of the Business visited, and how much value is attached to the pleasure of the Customer. The Management may not be able to impart this impression in person, but the setup and the staff represent the views of the Company clearly. The Life Lesson that is imparted by cheap office furniture is simply that style is the essence of essential humanity, as is the perfume of a lady.
  4. Adaptability: This is a real Life Lesson. There are world-famous authorities who have defined Intelligence as adaptability. And the ability to use cheap office furniture to achieve results that are as impressive as high end and luxurious furniture, but at a fraction of the cost, takes real Intelligence. Some of the finest designers of Office Spaces have this in-built intelligence which allows them to adapt the furniture available to the requirements of the people populating a typical office, while at the same time as taking care of Owner’s pockets. Adaptability is the special talent that endears the Furniture and Office Space Designer to all the participants in the Office scene.
  5. Imagination: The Imagination of the Designer extends the dimensions of the Design. The first aspect of furniture placement assures comfort and efficiency in everyday work and hence is reckoned to be the most efficient placement. The second aspect is the visual impact, which is to create an impression. If given the cheapest of furniture to set up, the result may be shoddy. This is mainly dependent on the Imagination of the Designer and the User. In fact, while the most expensive furniture gives the designer the confidence of not going wrong even if the layout is given minimum thought, the designer forced to use cheap furniture does not have the advantage of high-end costly equipment to start with. The designer is therefore forced to exert his or her own imagination to cover the lack of high budgeting. This effort to create something out of nothing (or very little) is in itself a Life Lesson.
  6. Creativity: The end result of all the Life Lessons mentioned above is actually a Lesson in Creativity. The Designer who is stuck with poor quality or low priced pieces of Furniture to layout the Office, without the advantage of open purse strings, must fall back on the one quality that is inherent in all humans in more or less quantity….Creativity. Activating this primal quality can change the equation completely, and result in astounding results.
  7. Empathy: The most important Life Lesson may be the least understood. It is defined as the ability to understand and share the feeling of others. It is not everyone who can spend millions of dollars on office furniture. Some large organizations seem to be trying to impress Customers with an ostentatious display of vulgar money power in their selection of office furniture. There are other, better, designers who can empathize with the Clients and the general staff, instead of making them feel small and humiliating them, and achieve a greater impression with the skilful use of cheap office furniture.



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