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12 must have office furniture accessories

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The Office environment needs to be carefully planned and accessorized, in order to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency from the workers. Their requirements for equipment and daily supplies must be met continuously. Only then will the resultant performance bring about the required realization of the goals of the organization. The Accessories will depend very much on the type of Office visualized. Therefore, in order to select the 12 must-have office furniture accessories, one must first choose the type of office to be accessorized.

The Office Types

The Offices are usually categorized into two basic types:

  • Size of Office: Offices can be Small or Large in Size. The Small Office caters to a limited number of Staff only, because this generally operated by a Small Organization, or is a small Extension of a larger entity. The staff here are forced to be multi-tasking, as their numbers are limited. Heavy Equipment is generally absent, as are social and welfare amenities, and allowances for the workers. Printers and copy machines are smaller, even lighting and desk accessories are mostly individualized. The Furniture is also mostly left to the choice of individual Office Workers. In Large Offices, these advantages are absent, and often the individual is lost in the group. The Accessories are heavy-duty and can cater to large operations. This includes the Copy Machines and Printers, and the LAN (Local Area Networking) system in use. For even larger Organizations, WAN (Wide Area Networking) is often the choice, which really streamlines the operations.
  • Administrative Structure of Office: The main two types of classification here are Open and Closed Offices. The Open System is a centralized Office, where a large floor space with no dividing walls or partitions is used to house the majority of the working staff. Furniture must be designed to suit. The Accessories here are mostly depersonalized and general. Inter-Office Communication is often instantaneous. In the Closed System, Specialization is easier, such as the consulting rooms of the medical doctors, or the lawyers. Here, individual Accessorization is the key, and personal tastes and preferences come to the fore.

The 12 “Must-Haves”

The above discussion will form the basis for the following list, where we will now move from the general to the particular 12 must-have office furniture accessories available in the market now:

  • Modular Office Table Furniture: One of the finest International Suppliers of Office Furniture, Zhongshan FMarts Furniture Co. Ltd., this particular Furniture accessory has a Warranty of 3 years. Beautifully designed, this Modular piece can be shifted easily, to reform the Open Office structure in a jiffy. This simple melamine high-end office furniture sets a standard for executive office desks.
  • Executive Office Chair: This is a high-end straight-backed revolving chair for all types of Offices. It is perfect for the CEO of an organization, as it is for other members of the Management, being an Executive Swivel Lift Chair. Manufactured by Bazhou Handsome Furniture Company Ltd., it is complete with 360-degree smooth and noiseless rotation, with travelling arrangement, ergonomic back-rest, PU Armrest, synthetic leather-covered, with SGS gas lift, Locking-tilt mechanism and Chrome base. The Size is 27”W X 27”D Overall.
  • Magnetic Chalkboard: Officers don’t just sit at their desks all day. To energize the brain, they need to pace around their desks. This accessory is perfect for the thinking executive, to jot down activities, chart actions and solutions to recalcitrant problems. It is a message board and a note keeper. It is perfect for erasable communications, and all that is needed is a little wall space.
  • Desk Fan + Air Purifier: With Air Pollution Levels as high as they are global, this is a true “must-have”. Office spaces are generally well-populated, be it Open or Closed. A lot of air-borne dust is generated during the working hours, and long-term exposure may mean chronic lung disease. This is therefore essential for the well-being and productivity of each Office Worker and sits comfortably on a typical Office Desk.
  • Multi-Device Charging Kit: This kit comes with a central multi-port charger, power bank for emergencies, and at the same time the charging cords are threaded through colored cable-carrier ports so that each device can be stacked neatly in the individual slots.
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses: These reduce strain on the eyes, and definitely improves the productivity of that individual. It also saves eyesight in the long run. It must be worn during long usage of Laptop/Computer monitors, Smartphones, eReaders, Tablets, Televisions, Projectors, POS system Screens etc.
  • Air Plant Terrarium: As is well known, plants can create a fresh oxygenated air supply that can energize a captive office worker, while the green rests his eyes. Air Plants survive almost entirely on the moisture they absorb from the air, though occasional water-sprinkling also helps.
  • Ana Desk Lamp: Implementing task lighting reduces eye-strain and improves concentration on the task. The green shades work to prolong vision and avoid the annoying shadows cast by general overhead office lighting.
  • Book-To-Screen Highlighter/Scanner: Office-work often involves organizing huge numbers of files and documents. This nifty device (from Hoppier Flex) can store all the data that the worker glides it over, and scan the text directly to the PC-application or web browser, and translate the data into more than 40 different languages automatically as desired.
  • Beyond Ink Pen: A Smartpen that is also a fine and handsome real pen, it can act as a Tablet/Device-friendly Stylus, with 16GB memory, drive, and USB cable/adapter. It has a built-in battery and is perfect for table hopping.
  • Smart Warming Coffee Mug: This is self-warming, chargeable-battery-powered, and can also make a fresh cuppa. It is ideal for managers on the move, who have to steal a sip whenever he can between table-hopping.
  • Lateral File Cabinets For Storage: This is a magical cabinet file storage device by TS Series, Steelcase Furniture. It has standard lockable cabinets, but also secret spaces with digital passwords, for hiding those very important documents and pen-drives.



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