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Privacy & Policy

We value your time while you browse, our website. The furnicraft Privacy & Policy outlines our online information policies as well as the choices you have regarding the collection and use of your information to safeguard your privacy. This policy applies to confidential information, which includes information about identifiable or verifiable actual people, anonymous data collection, and aggregate publication. Any information that is connected to your identity or other user information is considered personally identifiable information.

Sites that are Related or Linked

There may be connections or links from this website to other websites. According to furnicraft Privacy and Policy, we are disclosing that we are not obligated by the terms of or the privacy policies of third-party websites. We advise our visitors to be aware of their surroundings and carefully read the privacy policies of any websites they visit that gather personal information.

There are Cookies.

Like every other website, makes use of cookies. These cookies are used to keep track of visitor requests and the pages they have browsed or seen on the website. By modifying the content of our web pages based on the type of browser being used by visitors and/or other criteria, we can enhance the user experience.

Safeguarding Your Personal Information

The confidentiality of your personal information is protected by in accordance with the Furnicraft Privacy & Policy. We take considerable precautions to safeguard your data from theft, misuse, unauthorised access or exposure, modification, or erasure. Your personal information will never be disclosed to a third party outside the company unless specifically specified in this document. On password-protected servers with restricted internal access, data is kept. Sensitive data, including payment card and personal information, is collected or sent via SSL encryption.


You acknowledge and concur with the terms of our Privacy Statement by using our website.

We Assemble Data

You will be informed at the moment you are asked to disclose personal information about yourself and the rationale behind doing so. Your name, email address, contact information, the content of any messages and/or documents you send us, as well as any other information you want to share with us, may be provided to us if you get in touch with us directly. We could ask for information like your name, organisation name, address, email address, and contact details when you establish an account.

How We Handle It

  • Why to simplify your usage of the website by requiring your personal information only once.
  • To give you the services you’ve asked for or bought.
  • To assist us in producing and disseminating material that is specific to your interests.
  • The service provider will keep you up to date on any new services, upgrades, offers, or product improvements.
  • To respond to a survey online and offer feedback.
  • To gain access to special offers.
  • To make a request or fill out a form.

Internet-based Trading

You have control over how your payment information, name, address, email, and any other information you enter is kept private through the online registration procedure for this website. When it comes to the information gathered on our site, the provider is worried about data security.

Deletion of Data

Your personal information is not kept by us longer than is necessary; once it is no longer needed, it is deleted. The quality of continuous support, your interaction with our sites, goods, and help, as well as your ability to access or receive our sites, products, and services, may all be impacted by the deletion of customer accounts, email addresses on our mailing list, and other important information.