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Specialized in supply and installation of office furniture, Furnicraft LLC is one of the leading furniture distributor based in the Dubai-United Arab Emirates. We have a state of the art office cum showroom in Oud Metha-Dubai, where we display our complete range of products. Within a span of 10 years, Furnicraft LLC has established itself in a prominent position in the UAE market as a leading office furniture supply & project firm with strong marketing across GCC and neighboring countries.

Office Chairs, Desks, Workstations, Reception Tables, and Much More.

If you’re looking to outfit your new office space with the latest furniture designs – furniture crafted not only to provide a professional, clean, and modern aesthetic but also designed to support more efficiency around the office – we here at Furnicraft are happy to be of service.
For more than a decade we have been providing office furniture to businesses and commercial enterprises throughout Dubai, and it has been our distinct pleasure to make sure that each and every one of our clients is able to leverage the best designs from the best designers all at very competitive price points.
Our furniture collection is refreshed on a regular and seasonal basis, guaranteeing access to the newest designs, the latest fabrics and materials, and options that other offices will not have deployed throughout their space already.
Expansive Product Selection
The product selection that we are able to bring to the market is one of the more expansive in Dubai as well.
We’ve been able to form relationships with manufacturers and suppliers throughout the office furniture industry, relationships that extend worldwide and allow us here at Furnicraft to have an opportunity to secure furniture options that are difficult (if not impossible) to find anywhere else.
Our collection is always being added to – as we alluded to above – and we go to great lengths to continue to expand our relationships with new designers, new manufacturers, and new suppliers so that our clients always have almost endless choices to pick and choose from.
Consultative Assistance Available
Here at Furnicraft we also provide advice and recommendations about the best office furniture you could choose to move forward with, helping to find the right designs to fill out your space not only from the anesthetic and visual standpoint but from inefficiency, security, and productivity standpoint as well.
The people that we have working here at Furnicraft have more than 10 years of experience in this field and in this industry, working with Dubai businesspeople to establish new offices and renovate older spaces as well.

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Featured Product

Made up of mesh/foam and white plastic, fixed headrest; backrest angle & tilt tension adjustment mechanism, PU arm pad with 4D function, backrest with flexible support &lumbar support height adjustment, gas lift mechanism, has aluminum base with castors, available in high, low and visitor chairs

Design your office with us.

Offering various styles and multiple fabric options, we let you put a personal touch on your workplace.

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