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Dubai is the City in the Sun, the modern Shangrila. The search for Perfection leads here. Even the humble Office Cupboard flowers here, and finds a rare perfection. In this Dream City, biblical merchants bring their finest wares, and the richest vie with best for attention. Office Cupboards may seem a strange goal, but they objectify Dubai’s constant search for excellence. An Office Cupboard symbolizes the modern Office. And an Office is the inspiration for modern Business, which is the “raison d’être” for Dubai’s existence. The Office is at the heart of all Business, the control center of the administration. And the most important documents are held in this Cupboard. The search for where to find the perfect office cupboards in Dubai is actually the search for the Spirit of Dubai.

What is an Office Cupboard?

The Cupboard is basically a closed piece of furniture with maybe one or more doors and often some shelves. It is used for storage of goods, which may vary widely. It may be consumables like food or even kitchenware like cups and dishes in the kitchen, or personal and clothes and bed sheets in the bedroom. Even the best toilets have cupboards to hold the bathroom things. But modern Offices also require storage space, which need to be protected and private. Here, it holds important documents, office records, and office stationary supplies. Sometimes it is used for storage of moveable electronic and electrical office devices. Odds and ends that need to be stored are also part of the repositories. Cupboards have many names. In places, depending on usage and application, they are called sideboards, lockers, closets, buffets, facilities, repositories, wardrobes and so on. But Office Cupboards are specialized for use in Offices, and incorporate the utilities of a modern office space. They may contain File Cabinets, some of which have flexible separators and alphanumeric markers, for ease of location. Others have secretive and lockable lockers, meant to hold office valuables and secret documents away from prying hands and intrusive eyes. The traditional Vertical Filing cabinet was invented by Edwin G. Siebels, a man of many parts (politician, insurance dealer and cotton exporter), even though he did not get due recognition for his revolutionary advance in his lifetime. The idea of storing envelopes and files upright in drawers allowed documents to be stored naturally, without having to roll them up, or crumple, or damage the texture of the documents stored in any way. This ensured that these documents have lasted since the turn of the 20th Century till today.

Stylish Office Cupboards

Nowadays, many modern Office desks are multi-purpose multi-use equipment, and include Office Cupboards as part of the design. These are often modular in design, and allow flexible open office planning. Whether in Open or Closed Office designs, these powerful composite executive desk cum cupboards lend themselves easily to the latest office spaces comfortably. The perfection lies not just in the use of striking surfaces and unusual materials, but in the inner design that make this equipment irreplaceable to the User. A huge range of customized designs of Office Cupboards are now available, which are designed to keep the work space tidy and organized. Cupboards can be found in a wide range of sizes, shapes and styles. From desk high and compact models, to slim line, tall designs, the object is to find storage cabinets which will perfectly fit the available space. Nits are manufactured from a variety of materials, some of which are digitally sensitive and often space age.

Typical Locations

The layout of the wonderful city of Dubai is planned to the last detail. There is even a section of the City reserved for the traditionalists, where furniture is still handmade by the old Master carpenters. But the modern outlook dominates the City of Sheikh Makdoom. Office Furniture centers like the Sheykh Zayed showroom off Al Manara Road (Ground Floor, Emarat Atrium Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai) is typical of Dubai’s outlook. Here, Office Cupboards designed by the best in the world are displayed side by side with the wonderfully age-old art of local carpentry. The latest stainless steel, chrome and plastics compete with the old rosewood, oak and teakwood furniture of yesterday. Digital technology like eKeys and Smartphone-operated Cupboards and Filing systems are on display, along with old-fashioned pendulous but intricately decorative lock-and-keys. Dubai’s OfficeMaster is a leader in ergonomic design, but these companies of Dubai have surpassed even this milestone. Customized Office Cupboards now not just offer choice of color and size, the measurements such as height are often adjustable. These Dubai furniture people understand Office planning, and can offer invaluable advice on how and where to locate items, such as Office Cupboards, to achieve the greatest advantage.  In fact, the whole area near Mina Jebel Ali fronting the seaside is crowded with the Office Furniture outlets and Showrooms. The offices of the best sellers and manufacturers of Office Cupboards are all here.

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Chalking new business plans to foster a new partnership – a conference table has seen it all. Naturally, you need to pay proper attention to buying a conference table because bright minds can bring out innovative ideas in the right space. Also, you may have to entertain your guests who are potential business partners or meet clients in a conference room. A conference table can set or ruin your entire first impression. So don’t take a risk of buying this kind of furniture without proper speculations and considerations.

Here are a few things that you must consider before picking the right conference table for your office. Read it thoroughly and implement it while buying.

Before you set out…

  • Determine how will you use your conference room – how many people will use it on regular basis and how many can use it at best. This consideration will leave a crucial impact on your purchasing decision. For instance, if you want to use the table mainly for meetings, you better pick a solid wood and long conference table. Again, if you want to separate meetings into small discussion groups to arrange training, you may buy a moderate size conference table to satisfy your requirements.
  • Remember that the conference table will occupy the centre of the room and be the focal point. That’s why it’s better not to buy a table that is too small or too large. It should proportionately fit the entire room. What we mean to say is, you shouldn’t end up with a table that resists you to open the door properly. Again, the table shouldn’t be so small where you cannot accommodate more than 5 people at once.
  • Bear in mind that your conference table will be surrounded by multiple chairs. So pay attention to the size of the table. Many buyers make the mistake of buying a conference table on the basis of the room size. Of course the size of the room matters the most but you should take the placement of the chairs into account. Otherwise, you may not be able to fully open the door after arranging the chairs around the table.
  • The ambiance of your entire conference room will mainly depend on the type of table you pick. This includes both the colour and the materials used in the table. We will discuss more about these in the latter section of the article. So keep reading.
  • Before getting your hands on a conference table, make a checklist of all other equipment you need to include in the room. Depending on your business type, you may want to include audiovisual cart, projection screen, presentation easel, credenza, or lectern. Having a thorough idea of the dimensions will offer you a better idea of how much space you can keep for placing the table. Also, measure ceiling, doors, and windows height. This may sound ridiculous but it has high importance. Let us tell you why. Depending on the height of the door or ceiling, you need to adjust the height of the table and the chairs around it. So it’s a crucial consideration. There’s no going back once you purchase a table so it’s better to be cautious beforehand.
  • Now, depending on the checklist of all the above mentioned equipment, you can easily determine what power sources you need and where all the furniture can be placed with relation to the phone jacks and sockets. You sure don’t want to keep all the electrical wires scattered around the floor? In that case, you have to plan properly and pick a table that has a dedicated chamber to place all the wires without tangling them. You may also want to customize a table but that will cost you higher than the readymade ones.
  • If you are using teleconferencing and AV equipment regularly, you may pick a conference table which includes a data or power access port and a wire management trough.

No matter how much space you seek to allot for the conference room, you can find the right table to fit in. Conference tables come in varying sizes and shapes. So, if space is a concern, you may pick a square table or a small round table.

Here are some other considerations…

Size – Usually, conference tables are 24 inches deep and 60 inches wide. Many manufacturers offer similar style table in varying colours, finishes, and widths, to allow you customize the table according to your specific requirements.  Before buying, make sure to pay attention to the size chart of the tables to get an idea.

Type – Rectangular tables are quite common and a classic choice for a conference room. Since such tabletops are flat, the work surface is suitable enough to execute any meeting or training.  A boat shaped table features slightly tapered corners and it looks stylish and elegant for its convex sides. If you want to hold any video conference, you may pick such a table along with communication and power module and an inbuilt cable management panel. Also, you may purchase oval shaped conference table which is extremely pleasant to the eyes for its sleek lines and round edges. For its elegant finish, many business owners prefer to buy such a table for a large conference room. However, remember that this table is not ideal for a small room.

Colour – We have already discussed that we’ll talk about this point in the latter segment of the article and here we are. Conference tables ideally look the best in wooden polish. However, nowadays, you can find tables in various colours and you may pick your favourite one. Some tables feature a glass-top while some flaunts golden sleek design. You can even find tables with various designs and patterns on it. It’s better to opt for a table that suits other furniture in the room and also syncs with your business theme. If you have a wedding designing business, you can invest in a colourful table.

There you go. Follow these smart tips to pick the right conference table for your office. Happy buying!

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Choosing a color for your office furniture is more overwhelming than fun. That’s because you have to make your office look professional to your clients and visitors. Again, you need to keep your employees active and energetic and colors play a crucial role in this.

Don’t stress out. Here are a few significant tips you need to know before you set out to choose the right color for your office furniture. Keep reading and know all about it!

Tips to choose the right color for your office furniture:

  1. Use a vibrant color that syncs with your brand or business

Nowadays, businesses prefer to leverage color significance while selecting any piece of furniture. However, the color must sync with your business. For instance, if you own an asbestos company office, red is not the right shade for you. You may pick more neutral shades like steel color or grey one. On the other hand, if your business supports an environment cause or deals with plants and flowers, you may pick green furniture for your office to create a sense of harmony with your business nature.

This has a crucial significance not only in the employees’ minds but also in the guests’ minds. It reflects professionalism and shows your understanding of color symbolism.

  1. Don’t mix and match multiple colors

This is the golden rule while selecting furniture’s color. You can buy different colored furniture for your home but once it comes to your office, you need to pick furniture of similar color. You may pick two shades for your furniture, but it’s better to use those two colors across all the rooms in your office.

This reflects a deep professionalism, extremely crucial for any and every business.

  1. White comes to your rescue

Yes, we admit that white color turns dirty within a short time span, but white bears a sense of purity and sophistication. Leveraging the power of white color in your furniture can be very beneficial to evoke a sophisticated first impression among the clients. Also, white gives a calm and soothing sensation in people’s eyes. This relaxing spirit is essential to keep your employees productive.

You can choose a sofa or reception table in white color. This will instantly draw attention. For the same reason, you should maintain this furniture to keep their color intact for a long time. Vacuuming with unprofessional hands may not be suitable at this hour so you better contact a professional cleaning agency to deep clean your furniture from time to time.

  1. Use your brand color

If you want to promote your brand, let your furniture do that! Your brand color is not only meant to be used in your logo or website but your furniture is the best place to display your trademark. Since the furniture is spread across the office, it instantly draws attention and works as an indirect promotion! Sounds amazing? It sure is. Here’s what you can do. All you need is to select your brand color and then pick furniture in this shade. Make sure not to buy all the furniture in the same shade since it will look bizarre. Imagine a room full of furniture all in green! It’s better to get multiple shades of your brand color. If your brand color is green, pick furniture in multiple shades of green. This will create a pattern. If your brand color merges two colors (say, red and white), you can use two colored furniture. Your sofa can be white and reception table can be red or vice versa! Let your imagination flow.

  1. Wooden Polish

If you ask us one color that goes with each and every type of office room, we will answer wooden polish. Wood color is extremely professional and instantly changes the entire appeal of any room. Nowadays, you will find variations of shades even in wood color. The best part is that an entire room full of furniture in wood polish never looks over the top. So if you are planning to put a lot of furniture in a stuffed office, we recommend you to opt for this polish.

  1. Pattern and design

When you are looking for furniture’s color, don’t stop at just colors. Rather check out multiple designs and patterns on the same color. A pattern can entirely change the appeal of a color. You may not like a dark green table but white prints on it tell a completely different story. Bear this in mind while choosing furniture color.

So, here are a few things you need to bear in mind while choosing your office furniture color. Wait, there’s more! Below we will mention a few colors and their symbolism to help you find the right color for your office furniture. Check ’em out!

Significance of colors:

  1. Red – This color evokes the sense of vibrancy and energy. You can use this color in the active areas in your organization including casual meeting area, PT rooms, and break rooms.
  2. Orange – This color boosts creativity and it’s ideal to infuse energy and liveliness in the entire office ambiance. You should use this color in the active areas just like red.
  3. Blue – This color is often associated with productivity so you better use this color to enhance productivity in your guests and employees. It evokes the sense of mental peace, calmness, warmth and stability in your employees and encourages them to work better.
  4. Green – This is a positive shade it’s the best color to create a positive, calm, relaxing, refreshing, and comfortable environment in your workspace. The color actively promotes the sense of concentration, efficiency, and emergence so you can pick this color for your office furniture.
  5. Purple – This shade represents sophistication, power, and luxury. You can use this colored furniture for a polished, calm, and restful environment. This is also an ideal color for the furniture in directors’, managers’, and CEO’s rooms.

Bear this significance of colors in mind while picking the color of your office furniture and you are good to go. Happy buying!


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Keeping your office cubicle organized and clean goes a long way to develop a productive, healthy, and safe environment. This is more important in the post-pandemic scenario since maintaining hygiene and safety regulations is the new normal. Now, objects on the office desks including keyboard, mouse, and phones are sometimes get cleaned but for some reason or other, the sofa remains neglected. Remember that this piece of furniture is touched the most! Your equipment on the office desk is used by you only but anyone and everyone visiting your place sits on your sofa. Naturally, it accumulates the most dirt and dust.

Just like carpet, the fibres in your sofa is the ideal environment to harbour debris and dirt including dust, allergens, dead skin cells, sweat, and body oils. To reduce the risk of spreading allergy from these, you should get them dry cleaned at least every four months. And in the post COVID days, you should do this more often than before to remove any unhygienic contaminants.

Some of the major benefits of cleaning your sofa regularly include the following:

  • Improve its appearance
  • Remove bad smell
  • Clear away any allergen

How often should you clean the sofa?

You should vacuum the sofa at least once or twice every week. However, there’s no fixed time schedule for cleaning a sofa. For instance, when you buy a new one, you may want to clean it once every week. Now, once it starts to get old, its appearance fades and it starts to accumulate more oil and dirt. Sometimes, it’s not possible to buy a new sofa every now and then so you should rely on cleaning it to maintain its appearance.

The time frame also depends on the material of the sofa. If you are investing on a plush sofa with soft fabric, you may need to clean it more often. The soft fabric, though looks elegant and stylish, acquires more dust and dirt and look grim in a short time-span. The means of cleaning also varies. If you want to vacuum the sofa, make sure to use the right mode so as not to affect the fabric quality.

Also, other than cleaning the sofa yourself, you should opt for a sofa cleaning service once every six months or at least a year. This depends solely on how dirty the sofa looks.

Here are some cool tips for cleaning and maintaining a sofa

  1. An effective way to keep your sofa cleaned for a long time is to wrap it all the while. However, this is not possible. Try these simple and effective tricks to keep your sofa in a good condition for a long time.
  2. You can use distinct sofa cushion along with removable cushion covers. This will enable you to simply remove the cover and wash it. However, it may not look very professional.
  3. If you are not able to remove the sofa cushion to wipe away any coffee or juice mark, stains, and other hand prints, you may try the following means
  • Blot the spot with a tissue to instantly soak up existing moisture
  • Place a moist tissue or cloth on the spot
  • Rup the spot with soap and wipe it with a damp and clean cloth
  1. You can also clean the sofa with baking soda. This is a great element to remove stains from a delicate piece of fabric. Clean the sofa with warm water, vinegar, and a table spoon of mild liquid detergent to remove any stubborn stains. Also, you can remove wine or chocolate stains by rubbing the place with warm water and borax solution.
  2. If any client spills coffee or tea, make sure to clean the sofa with hot water. Diluted alcohol works the best for removing any ink stain.

Have you noted a significant issue? The problem with trying these means of cleaning the sofa is quite time-consuming. You may try these at your home but your office is a whole other realm. That’s why, availing a deep cleaning service is the most effective process. Here you don’t have to spend time in cleaning the sofa and you can rest assured that the professionals are taking care of it. With their long experience and expertise, they can treat your sofa and the treatment is not any quick fix. They will thoroughly clean your sofa and it will look like a brand new one! Try it!

Cheat guide

These are more of some cheat guide than cleaning a sofa really. We admit that it’s not always possible to vacuum your sofa in the midst of conducting business. That’s when you need to adopt a cheat. You may opt for a dark coloured sofa instead of a light one. That way, you won’t have to clean it every now and then. It will not reflect all the dirt and dust.

However, bear in mind that dark coloured furniture can make your office room look smaller and darker than it actually is. So if you are investing in a dark coloured office sofa, make sure to choose a light coloured wall paint and light coloured furniture. Also, warm lighting in your office can enhance the entire appeal even if you buy a dark coloured sofa.


Remember, your office sofa is not merely a piece of furniture but occupies a focal point in the room. Naturally, you should give it the right attention because your guests, visitors and clients will see it on the first sight. And a first impression often impacts the last impression. If the sofa is dirty, your potential customers may grow a negative impression about your business and may feel uncomfortable to sit on it and conduct business deals. So don’t ruin your business for a mere sofa. Get your sofa cleaned from time to time to maintain a decent impression and safety practices. After all, you and your clients’ health is your first priority!

Let us know your thoughts on our article. The comment box is open for everyone.

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The world of Office Furniture is strange. It is part of hard-headed utilitarian and judged by makers and users alike for its usefulness in meeting some natural needs of Office Workers and Executives. But the finest Office Furniture also tiptoes into the magic world of Art. Some of the most well-used pieces of furniture are now regarded as High Art and are displayed only at the top Art Museums and Exhibitions. Valued as almost priceless by the top Art Experts and discriminating Collectors, these pieces are often displayed in public exhibitions and private collections. An iconic Conference Table for large Offices created in 1949 by Carlo Mollino and touched with the rare aesthetic of this genius architect and artist, is now valued at a minimum of US$3,824,000!  Then there is the one-off Office Cabinet by Jean-Michel Frank. It is created from patinated bronze, gypsum and oak, and it set the French Auction Record for the Designer at US$5,105,173 in 1935. Still another example is the Sacred Hamadryas Baboon, which was meant as the Centrepiece decoration for the Reception Area of the then modern Office. This is among the great sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti’s most celebrated and modern sculptures. It was created circa 1909 – 1910. Given that there are only 11 recorded bronze casts of this figure in total, it is not surprising that each cast is now priced at US$2,256,000. Quite apart from the sheer beauty of these extremely high priced Office Furniture, their fine construction means extraordinary durability. In this article, the answer to the practical question is sought: Do high price office furniture really last long enough?

The Choice

The work of the Office Staff mostly consists of Desk Work. The concept is to create an environment that lends to the Office worker being able to work for hours on end at their appointed position in the Office Space. Much of the work in the Office is routine and hence monotonous. It is the furniture that assists the worker to be able to spend the continuous hours concentrated on this type of Office Work. To be able to be seated strategically, having the necessary accessories within hand’s reach, not saves time, but also ensures smooth and continuous work. The high-end design combined with the best-suited materials lead to the best office product, but this costs money. In the competitive world of business, Office Furniture is of strategic importance. It is one of the key factors in improving Office Productivity. So the Management tends to be quite selective when it comes to planning for new furniture in the office space. But the budget is often the deciding factor, and returns on the purchase of suitable furniture sometimes override the considerations of quality. Better quality must be bought, and costs extra. The staff entrusted with the selection of the furniture in the office needs to consider how to tighten purse strings to satisfy the Management. The market these days offers up a lot of cheap options which are close copies of their high-quality cousins. To beat the competition, manufacturers offer a lot of cheap alternatives. In fact, some countries seem to specialize these days in offering these extremely pocket-friendly options which are also visually as convincing as the real thing. But buyers must not be fooled. The job of the true Office Purchase Manager is not to strike a bargain giving short shrift to the User’s long-term needs. It is to ensure the best quality and comfort for the Staff at the lowest price. This generally means “High Priced Office Furniture”, not the street versions that many sellers and some large countries export as a national policy and practice. A standard question fired at the Purchasing entity is often whether the new cheaper Office Furniture can fulfil the criteria while still being quite cheap. Purchase of Office Furniture is one of the most important investments that any Office can make, and often represents a substantial portion of the overall budget. It is never possible for an Office to keep renewing the Office Furniture every other day, and the cheaper furniture tends to keep collapsing and breaking at regular intervals. Quality reigns always, in the long run.

Some Basic Selection Criteria

The most basic requirements for procuring new furniture is generally:

  •  Capital Outlay.
  • Savings In Space.
  •  Fire Risk.
  •  Comfort and Labour Saving

The Last Criteria is the focus of this Article and will be discussed further below.

The Durability Factor

The most important criterion that Good Quality always brings to furniture is Durability. Modern furniture that incorporates better quality improves the efficiency of the Office Staff, and hence Productivity of the organization. The proper functioning of the modern office is often regulated by the quality of the furniture selected for the staff. Of course, this increases the price, sometimes substantially. But this additional investment is repaid many times over by the long-term trouble-free Durability of the furniture. Replacement of Office Furniture is costly, given that modern furniture is actually multi-use, and meant for multi-tasking. This increasingly complex piece of equipment that is the Office Desk and Cabinet combined, with allotted spaces for the latest Office Accessories such as sliding laptop table surfaces, charging stations etc. as well as traditional spaces such as lockable desks, represents a hefty investment for the company, not to be repeated in the near future. These pieces of equipment must be long-lasting and durable, in order to be viable. So when the organization pays for the Quality of the Office Furniture, it includes Durability as an essential factor.

Final Word

The Office Worker sometimes spends a lifetime working for the same company. Most change furniture only when promoted. Office Furniture becomes a part and parcel of the Staff. And its longevity is a major part of the high price paid for quality. It’s the return on investment. And this answers the question: Do high price office furniture really last long enough?


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The Office environment needs to be carefully planned and accessorized, in order to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency from the workers. Their requirements for equipment and daily supplies must be met continuously. Only then will the resultant performance bring about the required realization of the goals of the organization. The Accessories will depend very much on the type of Office visualized. Therefore, in order to select the 12 must-have office furniture accessories, one must first choose the type of office to be accessorized.

The Office Types

The Offices are usually categorized into two basic types:

  • Size of Office: Offices can be Small or Large in Size. The Small Office caters to a limited number of Staff only, because this generally operated by a Small Organization, or is a small Extension of a larger entity. The staff here are forced to be multi-tasking, as their numbers are limited. Heavy Equipment is generally absent, as are social and welfare amenities, and allowances for the workers. Printers and copy machines are smaller, even lighting and desk accessories are mostly individualized. The Furniture is also mostly left to the choice of individual Office Workers. In Large Offices, these advantages are absent, and often the individual is lost in the group. The Accessories are heavy-duty and can cater to large operations. This includes the Copy Machines and Printers, and the LAN (Local Area Networking) system in use. For even larger Organizations, WAN (Wide Area Networking) is often the choice, which really streamlines the operations.
  • Administrative Structure of Office: The main two types of classification here are Open and Closed Offices. The Open System is a centralized Office, where a large floor space with no dividing walls or partitions is used to house the majority of the working staff. Furniture must be designed to suit. The Accessories here are mostly depersonalized and general. Inter-Office Communication is often instantaneous. In the Closed System, Specialization is easier, such as the consulting rooms of the medical doctors, or the lawyers. Here, individual Accessorization is the key, and personal tastes and preferences come to the fore.

The 12 “Must-Haves”

The above discussion will form the basis for the following list, where we will now move from the general to the particular 12 must-have office furniture accessories available in the market now:

  • Modular Office Table Furniture: One of the finest International Suppliers of Office Furniture, Zhongshan FMarts Furniture Co. Ltd., this particular Furniture accessory has a Warranty of 3 years. Beautifully designed, this Modular piece can be shifted easily, to reform the Open Office structure in a jiffy. This simple melamine high-end office furniture sets a standard for executive office desks.
  • Executive Office Chair: This is a high-end straight-backed revolving chair for all types of Offices. It is perfect for the CEO of an organization, as it is for other members of the Management, being an Executive Swivel Lift Chair. Manufactured by Bazhou Handsome Furniture Company Ltd., it is complete with 360-degree smooth and noiseless rotation, with travelling arrangement, ergonomic back-rest, PU Armrest, synthetic leather-covered, with SGS gas lift, Locking-tilt mechanism and Chrome base. The Size is 27”W X 27”D Overall.
  • Magnetic Chalkboard: Officers don’t just sit at their desks all day. To energize the brain, they need to pace around their desks. This accessory is perfect for the thinking executive, to jot down activities, chart actions and solutions to recalcitrant problems. It is a message board and a note keeper. It is perfect for erasable communications, and all that is needed is a little wall space.
  • Desk Fan + Air Purifier: With Air Pollution Levels as high as they are global, this is a true “must-have”. Office spaces are generally well-populated, be it Open or Closed. A lot of air-borne dust is generated during the working hours, and long-term exposure may mean chronic lung disease. This is therefore essential for the well-being and productivity of each Office Worker and sits comfortably on a typical Office Desk.
  • Multi-Device Charging Kit: This kit comes with a central multi-port charger, power bank for emergencies, and at the same time the charging cords are threaded through colored cable-carrier ports so that each device can be stacked neatly in the individual slots.
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses: These reduce strain on the eyes, and definitely improves the productivity of that individual. It also saves eyesight in the long run. It must be worn during long usage of Laptop/Computer monitors, Smartphones, eReaders, Tablets, Televisions, Projectors, POS system Screens etc.
  • Air Plant Terrarium: As is well known, plants can create a fresh oxygenated air supply that can energize a captive office worker, while the green rests his eyes. Air Plants survive almost entirely on the moisture they absorb from the air, though occasional water-sprinkling also helps.
  • Ana Desk Lamp: Implementing task lighting reduces eye-strain and improves concentration on the task. The green shades work to prolong vision and avoid the annoying shadows cast by general overhead office lighting.
  • Book-To-Screen Highlighter/Scanner: Office-work often involves organizing huge numbers of files and documents. This nifty device (from Hoppier Flex) can store all the data that the worker glides it over, and scan the text directly to the PC-application or web browser, and translate the data into more than 40 different languages automatically as desired.
  • Beyond Ink Pen: A Smartpen that is also a fine and handsome real pen, it can act as a Tablet/Device-friendly Stylus, with 16GB memory, drive, and USB cable/adapter. It has a built-in battery and is perfect for table hopping.
  • Smart Warming Coffee Mug: This is self-warming, chargeable-battery-powered, and can also make a fresh cuppa. It is ideal for managers on the move, who have to steal a sip whenever he can between table-hopping.
  • Lateral File Cabinets For Storage: This is a magical cabinet file storage device by TS Series, Steelcase Furniture. It has standard lockable cabinets, but also secret spaces with digital passwords, for hiding those very important documents and pen-drives.



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The Office is a concept that has dominated Business since at least the Eighteenth Century, and maybe even earlier. A very large proportion of daily business is carried out from the Office. Daylight hours have traditionally been reserved for business as conducted from the Office, by Office Workers. Lately, however, even these hours have been gradually extended, until 24-hour Offices have become popular everywhere. Run as two-shift or three-shift periods daily, it has meant continuous attendance at the same Office. Certain businesses, like “Call Centers”, in fact totally depend on their 24-hour daily coverage, though of course by workers taking shift duty. But all this has meant spending long concentrated work periods in the same Office Chairs. This has often led to a special kind of extreme Chair Exhaustion for the workers, ultimately leading to severe skeletal and spinal problems. The number of workers diagnosed with these muscular and skeletal defects caused by sitting-related reasons have now reached staggering proportions and is now medically considered to be a major cause of office-borne diseases. Some progressive organizations insist on physical exercise breaks at regular intervals, to try and prevent some of the causative factors. Others advance seminars to teach their staff to take care of their own bodies from long-term fatigue. But the main preventive measure proposed by the Ergonomic Experts is to use modern physical-medical technology to improve or completely change the Seating Posture for the continuously sitting Office Staff. This Article deals with this most important aspect of modern-day Office Work and tries to teach the basics for the 3 seating posture to sit while using office chairs for lengthy hours.

The Office Chair

The Office Chair is an extremely crucial piece of office furniture. Office Employees need to stay in the office for the best part of the day, and so their comfort is of prime necessity. Otherwise, their interest and concentration in their work is bound to drop. Comfortable seating not only reduces fatigue but also helps the employees remain healthy. The renowned Experts O. Standingford and G. Mills have suggested two types of Office Chairs: one type for the secretaries and clerks who form the majority in any Office, and the other type for the Executives. Both types of chairs have adjustable backrests and heights, in order to suit the needs of the individuals. Standingford further advises that, after individual adjustment and correct setting of a particular chair, each chair should be labelled with the name of the individual clerk for whom it has been adjusted. This is to prevent the willy-nilly unplanned transfer of chairs to persons for whom the chair has not been adjusted, which may cause more harm than good. Another way to avoid fatigue is proper cushioning, which can also increase productivity. Man-made fibres such as Rexene and Vinyl provide sufficient cushioning comfort for the Staff and middle-level executives, while the demands of prestige also apply to the higher posts such as the top management executives, were genuine leather cushioning is found more applicable and attractive.

The 3 Seating Posture

The Main 3 seating posture to sit while using office chairs for lengthy hours are listed as follows:

  • Seat Height: The Seat Height needs to be adjusted to optimal levels such that the User’s feet rest flatly on the floor. Every user is different, and not only is he or she of different overall height, but the legs are of different length from person to person. At the same time, most work desks are of fixed height, hence it is the seat height which needs to be altered. In general, however, a seat height is alterable from 16 to 21 inch by the floor, which covers most people.
  • Seat Depth and Width: The seat depth should be such that there is a gap of about 2 to 4 inches between the edge of the seat and the back of the User’s knees. A seat that is too far forward can create undue pressure at the back of the knees, and long-term usage may actually damage the ligaments of the knees.
  • Seat Tilt: The seat of a good ergonomic chair must allow sufficient tilt, in order to create correct positioning of the pelvis. It has been observed that the posture problem known as the anterior pelvic tilt is common with almost everyone who is a sedentary Office worker. It is therefore essential to ensure that the pelvis is in a neutral position while working in a sitting position, with an 80 degrees angle between the hips, knees and ankles.

Some other points are additional supplements to the above Three, and sometimes equally important. These are as follows:

  • Swivel: The Swivel function of ergonomic Office Chairs ensure that different points of the desk can be reached without undue strain while working.
  • Armrests: The Armrests help reduce tension in the upper body while allowing the shoulders to relieve painful tension and relax. But armrests can be a hindrance when typing as excessive wrist movement to compensate the reduction in overall arm movement can lead to straining of the forearm muscles.
  • Backrest Lumbar Support: The lower back needs to be supported while working, and stabilize the natural S-shape of the spinal column. This prevents slumping and stress on the spine and pelvis. For this, the chair must have adjustable backrest in order to align the curve of the chair to the curve of the spine for perfect support.
  • Backrest Recline: The adjustable backrest can be used by the User to gradually ease the stress on the spine position throughout the day to progressively comfortable positions.
  • Headrest: This supports the back of the head.
  • Materials: These have been discussed earlier above.
  • Wheels/Castors: Soft rubberized wheels ensure smooth movement of the chair, while still sitting.


The 3 sitting posture on the ergonomic Office Chair is essential for long hours of continuous work, which allow the management to extract the height of Productivity from the Office Staff, while also looking after their welfare.

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The concept of an Office Desk has been with us since time immemorial. To say that this piece of furniture, and its companion piece the office chair, has symbolized all offices, ancient and modern, is an understatement. People who spend important hours of their life working from an Office Desk, often start with a new and glitzy piece of furniture, but in spite of periodic polishing up and the usual repairs, age begins to catch up with both the worker and his desk. But even when the office staff is retired, the old office desk remains as an eyesore. How to Get Most Out of your old office desk remains an unanswered question, and we try our best to answer it here.

Getting The Most

How to Get Most Out of your old office desk, is the kind of question to which there are no ready answers. A curt response would be simply, “Throw it away”. It is the kind of instant answer that will please many people, particularly if they happen to be Philistines, with no regard for history or fondness for an old servant. It is the kind of soul-less bloodthirsty attitude that characterizes many of the new generations of self-seekers. But then, this Article is not for these classes of robotized humans, on a constant quest for what they call “progress”. The old Office Desk represents our past, our station in a long working life. In saluting this sentiment, there are a growing number of paternal companies who not only gift their retiring workers of long-standing with the usual gold watches but allow these sentinels of their march to affluence to carry away the most significant reminder of their useful career, their old Office Desks. And here lies the catch. What do these old retirees do with their old Office Desks? Or even, in the case where the company opts not to hand out their old furniture to their departing employees, how can they make these relics of a fruitful but hoary past become standard-bearers of the future? So     here are some ways to repurpose an old Office Desk, so that they can rejoin the  society of Useful Artifacts once more:

  • Old Wooden Office Desks: Wood is a primitive but regal material, and is nearly ageless. The woods used for our ancient Office Desks were always of the best available technical quality, the Pines, Willows, Shaal and Sepeles. The best Desks were even made from Royal Woods like Rosewood, Oak, mahogany and teak. When properly treated at birth, this furniture was insect and termite-proof. It took to the natural polishes like a duck to water, and was, in the case of hardwoods, almost scratch-proof as well. The typical finishes are:
  • Paint: The use of Paint has traditionally been one of the easiest ways to update an old Office Desk. Comparatively less heavy on the pocket, it allows good cheer and comfort to the eyes with minimum effort. For the best results, a Primer coat must be applied first, with rough and smooth sanding in between the coats in order to ensure an even finish. For the base paint, a crisp white or deep black is recommended to give a neutral look. Or the piece could be made to look quite unusual with a stunning and unexpected color shade such as bright ruby red or lemon yellow. Highlighting the features and unique details can be done in different color combinations. Distressing the furniture deliberately during the updating process can add character to the Desk, forcing others to view the piece with real interest. Distressing can be done by scuffing the paint with sandpaper or steel wool to reveal the old wood underneath or even denting and scratching with hammer and chain.
  • Stain: The use of stains can retain the nostalgic old-world beauty of the Desk, or it may be used to match the other pieces in the room where it will be placed. Contrast stains are often used, to create an ensemble effect. First, the existing stains must be removed completely with a chemical stripper, or the applied stain must match the underlying older stains perfectly. Restoring old detailed engravings and trimmings of a really old Office Desk are an art in itself, and needs a dense brush, lots of clean rags and immense patience, to create an even finish.
  • Oil Finish: The existing finish must first be stripped off first using a chemical stripper, followed by a thorough sanding with sanding discs and sandpaper. Then comes the hydrating finish, with sufficient resting time allowed, before buffing motion is used to wipe off the excess. The results, in several coats of high shine, luxurious varnish, are a pleasure to see.
  • Hardware: It may not always be mandatory to refinish the old Office Desk in the paint. Replacing the old hardware to introduce modern fittings will make the piece not only a joy to behold, but a pleasure to use. The modern accessories to suit the Digital Age can all be accommodated, as well as some old world charming add-ons, and of course, some indoor greens for fresh oxygen. Powerbanks and sources, Routers, a sliding tabletop for the laptop, inbuilt lighting to focus on study matters, can all be built-in while refurbishing the old office desk. All this must be aesthetically planned before putting a hand to the job. The DIY enthusiast will carefully prepare several versions, and take opinions from his peers, before jumping off.
  • Additions: The scope for Additions is vast, such as hanging a sleek mirror or portrait, which can completely transform the old office desk. Tile, stone or glass can be added for super effect and can create an artistic tabletop. The old interiors can be gutted, to be replaced by modern digital steel lockers, cabinets, sliding table-tops and so on.


The possibilities are truly endless, and only the creative imagination of the owner can be the determinant of the final Office Desk.

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The world of Office Furniture is undergoing a quiet revolution, which may not have been noticed as yet. For one thing, Office cabinets no longer line room after room, stuffed with paperwork. Storage of Information, that most important of Office functions, is no longer bound by paper files and folders. Cloud Storage has all but replaced the traditional paper records, and provide unparalleled security, secrecy, and durability. But it is the humblest of Office Furniture, that seem to have made the most giant of strides. Ever since there have been Offices in which to conduct business in, which may be extended to the really splendid courts of ancient Empires, this item of furniture has been at the cynosure of all eyes. The Royal Throne was this item of furniture, as was the shackled seat of the prisoner. And with the Office Desk, it has played a Duo role that has generated many moments of Business Creativity and Genius in the Commercial History of Man. Yet, little attention has been lavished by Designers of Office Furniture as well as  Ergonomic and Technical Experts to actually redesign this piece of essential Furniture so as to offer relief and comfort to those very people who have to suffer longest in using it. It is the Office Chair. And it is sitting on this that Office Staff spends the maximum hours of their working life. Even Office Executives need to spend arduous time on their Chairs. Clients may spend less time on them, but Hosts must ensure that they are kept comfortable. So the lack of attention to the comfort, safety and strain relieving of the Sitters has been surprising, to say the least.  But lately, however, the picture has changed completely. Some of the finest Ergonomic Experts in the world have picked up the gauntlet, and the results are astonishing. So here are 11 ergonomic chairs to use as recommended by health experts in the industry.

Best Chairs

The 11 ergonomic chairs to use as recommended by health experts in the industry have been listed as follows:

  • Haworth Zody Chair: This is probably the most famous Chair of this Series, and has been certified and recommended by the American Physiotherapy Center. It stresses the functions more than the forms, with its passive pelvic pad, asymmetrical support system, and 3-point Tilt mechanism.
  • Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair: The most important feature is the LiveBack system used to conform to the positions that the User’s body unconsciously acquires, and thus prevents long term damage to the neck, spinal cord and head. It is very affordable too.
  • Herman Miller Aeron Chair: This Chair is the very first to introduce a woven seat and back design (instead of unhealthy soft foam cushions which provide an initial sense of comfort but no real support to the body posture). Designed by the renowned Bill Stumpf, this is an ergonomic chair that came up with some really new concepts. The word “Aeron” is used to denote the Biomorphic Principles of the Human Body, which tends to reduce Body Pain during work drastically. It is constructed with high technology mesh fabric, and it works quite differently from the other Chairs in the ergonomic zone. Available at an affordable price, it offers 12 years of Warranty. The head cushion and the high back help maintain the proper posture at all times.
  • Serta Mid-Back Office Chair: This famous Mattress-Company has come up with a Winner in Serta, with environment-friendly leathers with BIM active lumbar support and ergo-layered pneumatic body-pillows giving total comfort at a low price.
  • Alera Elusion Swivel Chair: The back is of breathable fabric mesh, contoured seat cushion with waterfall edge, and the premium upholstery minimizes pressure on the body and legs. Top features are offered by this most popular Chair at the lowest of prices.
  • White Ergonomic Leather Chair by GM Seating: Designed by Ergotech, the Ergohuman provides maximum lumbar support adjustments, for people who are already suffering from severe back pain. Though costly, it is ideal for its health-restoring functions.
  • Steelcase Gesture Chair: This chair has won a number of the highest awards worldwide from medical and health institutions, and it can easily be ranked as the Second best Ergonomic Chair in the market. It can be easily adjusted for a wide range of sizes and shapes. It thus can operate as a wonderful Reading Chair for long immersive hours without backaches or nagging muscular spasms. The Secret here is the ingenious “Live Back” Movement design, which continuously imitates the movement of the neck and spine of the User, and adjusts accordingly, as does the armrest and height. Ultimately, the User is free to move the Body as desired, and the Chair adjusts automatically to support it. It has 100% Steelcase Warranty. The high price is its only deterrent.
  • Herman Miller Embody Chair: The Best is reserved for the last. This fully Ergonomic design by the genius of William (Bill) Stumpf, has been praised as the most scientific chair ever and has been ruling this category ever since. The extraordinary innovation of a chair structured as an Exoskeleton provides complete support to the sitting human body in all its postures. It imitates the most relaxed human spinal positional support, but from the outside, i.e. externally. The Exoskeleton moves along with the posture of the body, keeping the posture correct at all times. It thus provides long hours of relaxed comfort to the Sitter. By minimizing spine compression, this chair helps in lowering the loss of fluid from the spinal discs, guaranteeing long hours of effortless work, and maximizing productivity. Some of the Pros include an unbeatable 12-year Warranty, the reduction of muscle ache, keeping work posture to its best style, stimulating blood supply and oxygenation throughout the body frame. Additionally, the materials are from renewable resources and are 95% recyclable. Perhaps the only drawback is the high-end price, but that is easily compensated by extraordinary support that this Chair provides to the User.


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The Office neighborhood of Dubai is reckoned to be the showpiece of World officialdom. Not a single day goes by without some business or a financial expert drawing a parallel with the office system, office planning, and office furniture in maximum use in the Master City of Dubai, right at the forefront. Dubai is flush with funds, and Dubai’s wise Ruler is proud to use the power bestowed on them by the Almighty for the greater good of the people. Among the many fine facts about this top City in the World, here are 7 Things We haven’t told you about office furniture in Dubai.
The 7 Secrets
The 7 Things We haven’t told you about the office furniture industry in Dubai are:
 The Meeting Spaces & The Communal Work desk: The Meeting Spaces are essential for running any business, whether the purpose of the meeting, or having a staff internal brainstorming, or entertaining Clients. In general, the space set out is meant to be multi-use, and the Office Furniture has to be designed accordingly. Dubai is one of the best places to find multi-purpose multi-fitting Office Furniture, which is also decorative and attention-grabbing. It must have a hypnotic attraction for the Clients, many of whom are world-travellers themselves, with wide exposure to designs internationally.
 The Living Space & Casualness: The happiness and comfort of employees must be of prime importance to the employers, not just for humanitarian reasons, but to translate to higher productivity. It has been critically observed that, more than pay increases, higher job satisfaction leads to less employer turnover, and the willingness to work outside the box to further the interest of the Organization. Dubai uses planned Office Furniture and layout to create just the ambience to create maximum space while utilizing the available space the most.
 The Office Furniture Basics: Desks & Chairs: The main type of Office Furniture still in use in Offices around the world are Desks and Chairs, even though the importance for Cabinets have reduced somewhat, to be replaced by AI-based Desk Accessories and Cloud support. Dubai leads the world in some of the best designed Office Furniture, and the finest ergonomic experts on the Planet have concentrated on providing the most comfortable, strain reducing, and relaxing chairs to sit on, and Desks to work at. The posture of sitting staff and executives when continuously working at modern office equipment and carrying out daily business has been carefully studied by the best Medical minds and converted by some of the best innovative Technologists and Engineers, who have converged on the humble Chair and Desk.
 The Storage Spaces: Hidden Away From Prying Eyes: The matter of storing information securely has always had importance in the running of a business, particularly when the data is prioritized as sensitive to the customer. Since most businesses are data-driven these days, protection of this data is at the core of the trustworthiness of any business. Dubai is at the pinnacle of providing the latest safety and security for providing Storage Spaces by going completely digital and paperless. The now outdated endless rows of lockers and cabinets no longer fill up room after room of Storage Space, especially in Large Organizations, where previously Storage of Information in the form of files and associated paperwork often occupy a major portion of available and valuable Office Space. At the same time, providing security to this paper-based Information is both cumbersome and costly. Dubai has created absolutely strong links with the major International Cloud Systems, and absolutely the best Cyber-security expertise in the world is focused on providing round the clock protection. This involves customized furniture which is designed by the best minds particularly for Dubai, and these designs are International Patent protected for Dubai only.
 The Common Use Spaces (Printing, Scanning & Copying): In Dubai, the advances in office technology in this Digital Age have led to extraordinary streamlining of activities that in the past that it often took a separate department to execute, with separate space and special furniture. Even in the recent past, special teams of trained and experienced staff looked after the vast amounts of these Common Activities. But no longer. Each executive can now handle his or her own hardcopy at ease, however, copies may be needed. This is special furniture, for which Dubai is justly famous.
 The Smartboard Necessities: The Office Furniture scene in Dubai has recently been particularly enriched by the advent of digital Smartboards. These have helped to solve many a problem by the sheer convenience of having a massive scribble pad that can be seen at once by several participants in work centered discussions in the office and does not need to be erased with an often dusty duster. The old blackboard with its inconveniences (and chalk dust), is most definitely out. Results of discussions, visual on-the-spot analysis, and graphical solutions can be retained digitally, and the modern smart boards can even be connected on LAN (Local Area Networking) and displayed in other relevant situations also.
 The Cafetaria & The Eating Furniture: The great genius and leader of men Napoleon Bonaparte once commented that “an Army marches on its stomach”. So he took very good care of his Army’s diet and dining, wherever they were, and the results were there for all to see. The real secret to close human interrelationship and cooperation is often through their interaction while relaxing with food. Many are the work problems that seemed intractable during working hours which seem to be solved easily during the lunch hour together, enjoying a fine meal together and discussing work, (what else?). It is not mandatory in most countries, but the larger and successful organizations always make it a point to provide a special space for luxurious dining during the lunch break.
The Trending
Some Offices are moving away from individual work-desks altogether. The Furniture that contributes to integral collaboration between employees is now the new trend, and it has its birthplace in Dubai.

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